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      Faulty breath readings

      No machine is infallible and inaccurate breath test results do occur from time to time. You may have been surprised or even astonished by the reading produced before being charged with drink driving. You may even have consumed little or no alcohol prior to your arrest. In such cases the reliability of the analysis of breath being used as evidence can be challenged.

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      Failure to provide samples

      The offence is to fail to provide without reasonable excuse. There may be legitimate reasons why a sample may not have been provided. Those with medical conditions may be unable to satisfy the requirements of a breath testing machine. There may have been a fault with the machine itself or the police officer’s instructions about how to blow in could have been incorrect.

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      Drinking after driving

      There may have been a delay from the time of alleged driving to the time of arrest. If you have consumed alcohol after driving and then been arrested, expert reports may be necessary to establish your alcohol level at the time of the alleged driving incident. This is often referred to as the “hip flask defence.”

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      Hospital cases

      If you have been involved in an accident and have been taken to hospital, a different procedure for alcohol testing applies to the one used at a police station. In such cases, only blood or urine specimens (not breath) may be required for analysis. Procedural errors by the police are more common in this type of case.

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      High alcohol readings

      Drink drive charges can carry more serious consequences than simply a disqualification from driving. At the more severe end of the scale, they can carry a custodial sentence. Strategies can be adopted to minimise the risk. We aim to provide a sensitive and reassuring presence for our clients at a time when they need it the most.

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      Drunk in charge

      If the police suspect that you were “in charge” of the vehicle, they can arrest you and require you to provide specimens in the same manner as if you were actually driving. the penalties imposed for being drunk in charge are lower than for drink driving. It is a defence if there was no likelihood of driving whilst over the limit.

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