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Basudev Pal

“Let me put on record that your esteemed company has been extremely understanding and supportive during this period when I was emotionally disturbed after getting accused of a motoring offence. Your counselling and handling of the entire episode is extremely reassuring and now that the charges are dropped I realise how invaluable your suggestions were even before I had signed up with you. You are now a part of my confidence box. Keep it up and best wishes to your team.”

Paul G, London

“Hilary Kenway and Gilbert Barnatt acted on my behalf in what was a complicated drink driving case. Hilary and Gilbert provided outstanding advice and support in navigating a way through an often chaotic criminal justice system. Hilary is tireless and did a superb job in handling the process from start to finish, including providing excellent initial advice, arranging the preparation of a legal argument to the charge, organisation of multiple hearings and eventually, upon success, reclaiming much of the costs incurred. Gilbert drew upon his unparalleled knowledge of the law in this area to build a complex but ultimately highly successful defence. Dealing with the police, CPS and courts system is not pleasant – in my experience having such high quality professionals fighting your corner is absolutely essential.
I have no hesitation in recommending Motoring Offence Lawyers Ltd”

Usman, Bucks

“Dear Hilary,

I’m just emailing to thank you again for the fantastic way you dealt with my application to have my license restored. I have to say that right up to the moment I heard the magistrate say that I could re-apply for my license, I didn’t quite believe it would work! Everything was dealt with so remarkably quickly and efficiently, you always dealt with all my queries, and Matthew was amazing, and was very obviously both very knowledgeable and very experienced. You couldn’t have sent a better person to represent me in court.

Many many thanks, as I’ll now not have to worry about how I’ll do my job. I wish you all the success in the world, and will be recommending you to everyone I meet.”

YY, London

“Hi Hilary,

Just want to say thanks for all the help that you gave me. I think you must have heard the result of the hearing. I am very pleased.

Thanks again for your help.”

Paul Shepherd, Worcester

“Hilary was amazing, from the moment I called her she re-assured me, at the time I felt my life was falling apart, in a tearfull telephone call from me, Hilary re-assured me , offered advice and completely took over the whole situation. Both Hilary and Matthew’s expertise in this highly sensitive area were non other than brilliant, what was a stressfull time felt controlled by her team.

On the day of the trial, the barrister was outstanding, his knowledge of case history and a full understanding of the legal process was none other than outstanding, with Phillip, Hilary and Matthew the team enabled me to retain my Driving Licence, without them my future would of been a nightmare, we all make miss-judgements in life, A lesson learned, another lesson is call Motoring Offence Lawyers for guidance in times when we, as normal people make mistakes.
Again with all my heart, thankyou, I,ve just purchased a “alcosense” breathalyser, which in conjunction with sensible drinking I will ensure no repeat of my mis- doings will happen again…”

Cecilia Smart, London

“Last year, after being charged with Drink Driving, I found myself in a perilous position that the loss of my driving licence had absolutely dire consequences for my career. To say that it was a frightening position to be in was an understatement. After tossing and turning, and running around in circles in a pure panic on how to even comprehend any defence of the charges against me, I contacted Kenway Miller and finally found a voice of reason and solid, honest advice on how to overcome my predicament.

Whilst I am a solid law abiding citizen, the extraordinary powers granted to the authorities in motoring situations seem to mean that you are almost guilty without trial and the situation can seem hopeless. Through their sheer hard work, infallible experience and understanding of motoring law, were able to analyse my charge sheet and identify that the Police had failed to follow procedure in taking breathe samples and consequently all charges were dropped. Whilst I do not for one second excuse my stupid decision to commit the offence in the first place, I am eternally grateful of the second chance and lifeline provided to me.”
Every phone call was met with a friendly voice and the level of support that one rarely finds outside family and friends!! I owe them so much and would recommend Kenway Miller in a heartbeat to anyone confused and frightened by the complexities of Motoring Law.

David S, Devon, case dismissed March 2014

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you.The cheque for reimbursement of my costs arrived Saturday morning so I’m glad I can finally pay my parents off for the money they lent me! Please say thank you to Hilary too and a huge thanks to you both for all your help and support in this situation. It won’t ever happen to me again but should I hear of someone in a similar situation I will highly recommend you.”

A Stewart, Leicester, case dismissed April 2013

“We chose Kenway Miller because they appeared supportive and interested, whereas many other firms seemed dismissive. Many motoring offenses are “a done deal, get on with your life”. Apparently! Matthew and Hilary were incredibly supportive throughout my case, keeping my spirits up and pointing to the facts and justice system – giving belief and hope when it seemed others were hell bent to put the boot in regardless of the facts.

From initial contact to a happy conclusion, they were extremely respectful, courteous, professional and reliable. They ensured the right representation was provided at the right time, so billing and charges were transparent and consistent. The team provided was first class throughout, the right person at the right stage. All of them passionate about what they do and who they were representing. Regardless of the outcome I would have been 100% happy with the quality of service and whole experience of dealing with M. O. L.”
Thankfully, they helped achieve us a positive result and we will be forever grateful.

Jonathan Watts, Sussex, cases dismissed January 2015

“I cannot praise Kenway Miller enough for the professionalism and compassion they showed, in my opinion they gave me support as well as legal representation, I was able to contact them at any time I had any questions and needed reassurance, without the assistance of Kenway Miller I am in no doubt that I would have received acustodial sentence and my career would have ended, as a result of their assistance I was able to address the issues I was having during a very difficult time, I also received a much reduced penalty from the court for following their advice and getting the help that I needed, I cannot praise Kenway Miller enough as I now am able to continue in my career and am on the road to recovery’ please amend or add anything you wish, I am also happy for you to print my name if you wish to.”