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Imminent change in Scottish drink drive limit

Drink drive limit to be lowered in Scotland

Plans were announced by the Scottish parliament last week to lower the drink driving limit to 50mg per 100ml of blood. The current drink drive limits are 35ug/100ml in breath, 107mg/100ml of urine and 80mg/100ml of blood.

The proposed change in Scottish law will bring it in line with most other European countries which have the same limit.

The change, which is likely to be rubberstamped by the Scottish Parliament within the next few weeks, has the potential to leave many motorists at risk of prosecution when crossing the border, in circumstances where they would not be charged in England.

The legal limit in blood is regarded as the bench mark for alcohol tests as it is generally the most reliable. Prior to the introduction of breath testing equipment in the early 1970s, blood and urine tests were the only two methods of testing a motorist for alcohol.

In England and Wales, a drink driving charge can be based on breath without the need to rely on blood or urine tests, provided the reading is over 50ug/100ml of breath or it is between 40ug/100ml and 50ug/100ml and the accused has declined the option of having it replaced by blood or urine.

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